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Soccer Mom Hair Disaster

 So, I wanted a new look for the new decade and I found a hairdresser open on New Year's Day. A future note should be made that if a place is open on a semi major holiday it might not be a place you want to choose to make modifications to your appearance. I was fully prepared. I knew what I wanted. I went in with several pictures of hair that I would have loved. The hairdresser smiled and joked with us (Jes and Sion were with me) as she got ready to go. I showed her the pictures and she asked me which one I liked best. She said, "No problem" and went to work. We chatted and she was very nice and intelligent. She was a recent transplant from up north and so I thought, Yay! No southern prom hair...which is what I get most of the time when I go to a salon run by one of the local girls. Particularly local girls whose prime years were in the 80s. They look and my curls and shriek at the idea of the poofy bouffant my hair adapts to so well. She was almost done when she said something that made my heart drop into the pit of my stomach. And I quote, "Okay, so I've rounded the look you showed me up and made it more even so it's more wash and go. It'll be easier to take care of with the baby." When she spun me around and I put on my glasses, I saw what I was afraid I was going to was soccer mom hair circa 1992. Sob. I look like my neighbor's mom did in the early 90s. If she'd noticed anything about the pictures I showed her, she would have noticed that *none* of them were symmetrical. Symmetrical hairdos on me just look like someone has dropped a poofy pyramid on my head. Why, oh, why couldn't she just have done what I asked. Anything shorter than what I had would've been easier anyway. But, no, she gave me soccer mom hair. And, of course, I couldn't demand she fix it because that would've left me with *no* hair. I don't know what I'm going to do. I may be forced to try and straighten it until it grows out a little more. Ugh. I think I'm going to be sick. Sick I tell you. 
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Child Abuse?

 Okay, working with the public and the public's children like I do I am well aware that children are abused and neglected every day and occasionally this is only discovered with a call from a good samaritan to the local authorities. So, I do appreciate those folks out there who call when they see something really horrible going on. I, however, never expected my family to be on the receiving end of one of those calls. My child has been sick for a good portion of the month with a recurrent ear infection. My sweet, darling husband had taken our poor, sick baby back to the doctor on Tuesday to have him checked out again and see if that was what was causing the fever and runny nose (it was, btw). So, sweet, darling husband went to go have poor, sick baby's prescription filled at the local CVS like I asked him to. My poor, sick baby wasn't feeling poor or sick enough to keep from playing with his toes in the car on the way to the pharmacy and, therefore, whipped his socks off in the car to reach said toes. I swear my child eats socks; we still can't find one of this particular pair two days later. When my husband goes to get Sion out of the car seat to take him in, he notes the missing socks and rather than spending a half hour tearing the car apart looking for missing socks or turning around and going home for more socks, he tucks the baby's feet into his jacket and goes into the pharmacy. Darn sensible of him don't ya think? Well, apparently someone in the store didn't think so. My husband put the prescription in at the counter and went back out to the nice, warm car to wait for it to be done with the baby. He wasn't going anywhere. They were just sitting in the parking lot waiting, so poor, sweet husband didn't put the baby back in his car seat. He figured he'd play and cuddle with him up front for the ten minutes it was going to take the pharmacist to fill his prescription. He thought about none of this until he saw the blue lights flashing in his rear view mirror and had a police lady knocking on his car window. Someone in the store had called the police. Because my child wanted to play with his toes and his daddy was cuddling him in the car while waiting on a prescription. Really. I swear. Jes explained every thing to the police and gave them his information and they went away. I'm still half expecting a house call from social services this weekend. *head desk* I don't know who the "good samaritan" was in this case, but I could seriously string them from the nearest tree. I'm in complete agreement that if you see a young child in a *moving* vehicle without a car seat you should call the cops. I'm in complete agreement that you should also call the cops if you see repeated evidence that a child is being neglected or mistreated. However, one incidence of a sockless baby sitting in a warm, still car waiting on his prescription does not a child abuse allegation make folks.  I seriously doubt this person has children of their own because all parents know it's impossible to keep socks on babies this age. It's why god invented footie pajamas. Anyway, that's the drama around here this week. I'm home with the baby today because he's still running a fever. The pediatrician just called in another kind of antibiotic for us to try. I'll go fill it here in a few when he's up from his nap. I hope you all have a fabulous New Year!
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I'm ba-ack

 So, after talking to folks and having a craving for writing emerge again I've decided to resurrect my poor neglected little blog. I haven't even looked yet to see how long it's been, but I know it's been long enough that it'll pretty much be like starting fresh. My life has also changed a lot since then. I'm a new mom now. My little boy will be 11 months old this week. I can't believe it's gone by so fast. There's also a chance I'll be starting my dream job here in a month or so. I've applied for it so we'll see. We're also trying to fix up our house to sell and in the middle of all this I want to start writing again. I've also decided to enter a poetry contest sponsored by a local college. I want to try and start on some fiction too.  Maybe I'll write something actually good enough to publish one of these days. Yes, I am a crazy woman. Expect a new look and new posts here shortly. I'll take a look at those 48 messages I see in my inbox too. I suspect most of them are long expired though. 

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Home sweet Home

It's been quite a busy few weeks...
Sion got to come home on the 10th. It was touch and go for a while whether we'd get to bring him home before the 14th, but in the end we were able to once we got a car bed. He couldn't handle sitting in a car seat. He's just too little and his neck is too weak...his airway tries to close off. I've never been so glad to be home in my entire life.
So, I'm now in the land of the sleep deprived, but happily so. I will be happy when we can switch to on demand feeding though. He would gladly sleep most of the way through the night if given his druthers. He hates the 1 or 2 am feedings almost as much as I do, but the docs want him fed a certain amount every three hours.
He gets more and more of a personality every day. You can see pictures of him in the pictures section if you haven't already. The idea of having to go back to work in a few weeks is terrifying. I can't imagine leaving him in someone else's care while he's still so small. I never thought I would want to even try the stay at home mom thing, but it's not even really a possibility for us. Someone's waking up...

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Oh baby...

He's here! 

That's right your eyes do not decieve you...Our little bug decided to make an early appearance. 

Let's give you the week in play by play mode. Last Friday I had to leave work early and go to the doc because of extreme edema in my feet (just a hint boys and girls...they don't like it when your feet turn purpley lavender shades). They sent me back on bedrest for the weekend with yet another pee test for the weekend. But, hey, despite the edema my bp was I thought no big deal. I went home and did the bedrest thing. Come Monday, I go back to work...the swelling was down, my bp was down on Friday, my proteinuria hadn't ever hit a more than a I figured I'd go in for my check up on Monday and be done with it for another week. Not so much. I got in and my bp had shot sky high again and it was a do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars, go straight to the hospital kind of score. So, they sent me and my jug o' pee to the hospital...I figured it would be another observe me and then let me out in 3-5 hours thing. The kid wasn't in distress, I was still asymptomatic...yeah, the score was high, However, when I got into the hospital my bp would.not.go.down and then the results on the pee test came back and I was moved to the antepartum ward. I still thought I was going to get out the next day...but the next day came and went and they did more tests (I've had blood drawn more times in the past week than I thought possible...I've got bruises on both inner arms, both hands, and one wrist...the iv is preventing the other wrist from being attacked at this writing)...Tuesday night it was looking pretty good...they thought I might get to go home and go on bedrest there for the duration, but then yet another doc (my least favorite one, of course) comes into my room on Wednesday morning and got your tests back and you need to come into the office so we can measure the baby via ultrasound and, then, depending on what that says you'll either be coming back here or we'll be transferring you to a larger hospital with a full NICU in case you need to be induced. Lemme tell you; that's not the way to get my bp to come down.

They did a test determined the kid was in the 25% range for his gestational age and the next thing I know; I'm calling Jes and telling him to get here now because they're ambulancing me to Winston Salem. We got here in the late afternoon on Wed. and I talked to the docs who agreed to a wait and see approach (which I am eternally grateful for) and amazingly my bp started to come down and the spot checks on my protein weren't horrible either...not good, but not anything that meant immdeiate induction. So, we waited, there were more tests, another ultrasound to comfirm the baby's size, and I thought things were going good, but the later it got in the day on Thursday, the worse every score on every test got. Eventually, a very nice doctor had to come in and tell me that we were running out of options. I was still ready to fight them off until she gave me the hard scores. My proteins had pretty much tripled over night (from what I've been told most places will induce at much less...I should be grateful they were willing to wait and let me find acceptance) and if we waited much longer I was looking at the possibility of long term kidney damage and seizures among other things. My prior steely determination melted about there...I knew I wouldn't be able to take care of my baby if my health hit the tank. I called Jes and they explained the induction procedure. They sent up a NICU doc to tell us what the baby's prognosis would be at almost 33 weeks gestation. So, at 6:30 on Thursday evening they began induction.

To be perfectly honest, I don't remember most of it. Mother nature is kind that way I suppose. Sometime after when pitocin induced contractions had me begging for an unplanned epidural a little before midnight, there was some scary touch and go time because the baby's heartbeat was doing not happy things. The doc of the moment explained it had to do the cord being compressed and offered a procedure that works 50% of the time (the implication being that if it didn't work I was looking at an emergency c section)...fortunately it worked. My epidural wore off temporarily during transition. I was ready to kiss the anesthesiologist when she fixed it for me. It's a good thing she did because the next thing I know I'm telling the doc that I think I feel the head. They didn't believe me at first and by the time everyone was in place (my docs, nicu docs, nurses, med students, teams and teams of people), Jes helped hold my legs, mom (who made it in at 1 am) stood behind me, and we were ready.  It took a big old one push and my baby boy was howling his displeasure at the assembled company. They always make a big deal out of a baby's first cry in the movies, but when you've had to make the heart-rending decision to induce more than a month early...oh lord...I could listen to that child scream all day. I tear up just thinking about it. 

So, here's his vitals:
Sion Alexander
1/30/09 9:14 AM
3 lbs 14 1/2 oz. 
16 inches

He's in the NICU and probably will be for a few weeks just because he's so early. He's currently breathing on his own, but they've got him on supplemental oxygen to help his system. They've also got him under bili lights right now to combat a mild case of jaundice. Other than that he doesn't seem to be having any problems associated with prematurity. I'm so so so so eternally grateful. I've been thanking every single guardian angel I can think of. He's just so perfect. I got to hold him for a little bit before they put him into the isolette and I can't wait until I can again. I've been downstairs stroking him through the portholes in his isolette three different times today since they let me of the nasty drugs that kept me locked on to the postpartum ward for 24 hours. I come back upstairs to eat and pump. Hopefully, he gets to start eating on his own tomorrow and they can start weaning him off the IV. I should find out in the morning when they're going to release me...hopefully, it will actually *be* tomorrow. For now, I should get some sleep before the nurses start giving me dirty looks. It's going to be a long few weeks until our little man is home. I'll have pictures posted somewhere once he's off of the bili lights. The lights make all our pics look like he's an alien smurf. 

There've been lots of tears in the last week, but it's all turned out to be worth it in the end....


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 I finally had my first baby dream last night. It wasn't anything big or dramatic, I just dreamed about holding and rocking him and not being able to stop looking at him. It was interesting to see what my subconcious thinks he'll look like. He had lots of curly brown hair, gray eyes, and a really narrow face for a newborn. We'll see how it matches up to reality in less than two months. He looked so calm and peaceful...I hope he's that way for real.
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So, y'all might be hearing more from me the next few days. I was at work today and sat down on the floor to shelve some books and I tucked my foot underneath me. It felt weird when I did it, so I pulled it back out and realized that I had monster feet. Kind of clubby, no ankles, kind of a lilac shade...Jes says that it looks like I have ogre feet. Such a sweetheart. I walked into my boss' office and he told me to go ahead and call my doctors. I did and they told me to come on in. My BP was fine (MUCH better than it had been before), but the protein in my urine had increased ...TMI I know. Between that and the extreme swelling and the prior history of high BP they've got me on bed rest and did blood tests today (and will again on Monday) and a variety of other fun things. So, yeah, 60 hours of me on my butt. Yay. Not.

In good and extremely sweet news, I woke up to the husband cuddling the baby...not me per se...but the baby bump in the middle of the night. When he woke me up, one of the first things he said was how excited he was that the baby was coming and would be here soon. He was so just made my morning. So, despite the fact the kid is playing havoc with my body; I hope the lil monster knows how much his mummy and daddy want him here safe and sound. Ah well...
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 Just thought I'd give a quick update since I haven't

To say it's been an interesting few months wouldn't be stretching it too much. I ended up with the stomach flu the weekend after Christmas. Let me tell you being sick and preggers at the same time is the giant suck. As to the kid, we're all just hoping he stays where he's at a while longer. My due date isn't until 3/21, but out of my last three doctor's appointments two of them have ended up with my butt in the hospital for a few hours. Once because they thought I'd developed toxemia (nope...just high blood pressure which was probably pre-existing if I'm honest) and the second time because I'd been crampy and they checked and *oops* I'm dilating. That hasn't progressed over the last week, so the docs say that could be perfectly normal this far in (they don't normally check this early). I ended up on 24 hours of bedrest after the first hospital visit. That sucked. So, I'm following the docs orders specifically so I don't end up with weeks of it. They want me to do kick counts twice a day and take it easy.
Taking it easy is well a lot easier now that there's an extra set of hands here. Jes' sister moved in with us last weekend and it's amazing me and how much more relaxed I am. It's nice to have another girl in the house to talk to and she's great about pitching in around the house. I felt awful that she showed up the day after our yard exploded though. I came home on Thursday night and *poof* no water. We found a tag on the door from the city saying we had a leak and they'd shut the water off. We quickly discovered the skating pond in front of the house. Crap. My sweet, fabulous husband spent the coldest weekend of the year (low of 7) on a rented bobcat ripping our yard up so we could run a new water line to the house. The old line wasn't salvageable...80 year old galvanized pipe with more holes than my spaghetti strainer. We finally got water back entirely on Sunday afternoon. Having a handy husband is a wonderful thing. A plumber was going to charge us somewhere between 800 and 1200 dollars to do what he did for less than 300. We've still got some dirt to shovel (which I'm not allowed to help with), but the snow slowed the process down. We're going to have to reseed the lawn this spring and I'm very glad that I hadn't put the effort into prepping the front gardens that my gardener mother had suggested. Don't get me wrong, she gave me great advice, but all those layers of newspapers and compost would've been at the bottom of a 3 foot trench this weekend. I'll just work on them once it warms up a bit more.
Anyway...I need to run the grocery store.
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Happy Belated Turkey Day

Hello all!

We've come back from the mother-in-laws in the backwoods of Kentucky. It's hard to believe that a few years ago I didn't have a cell phone or regular internet connection that wasn't provided by school. Going four days into an area where even the Verizon guys won't follow you is a bit of a culture shock. Of course, personally, I think it would be a bit of a culture shock anyway. I already told the husband that even though I wouldn't mind moving out of the city into an area where we could have a couple of acres, there was no way in hades he's getting me to move to somewhere that isolated. I mean I grew up with cows in my backyard and lord knows my grandmother still lives out on a farm in the middle of the county and all that...but there's a difference between rural farm and back of a mountain holler.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a lovely turkey day and is warm and safe at their home or a loved one's home this morning. Jes and I stopped at mom's on the way back from Kentucky and so that's where we're at this morning. Mom's making oatmeal with cranberries for breakfast...I feel all spoiled. *big grin*

Oh, and since inquiring minds probably want to know...the kidlet is fine and happy this morning too. Using mommy's internal organs for aikido practice, but fine nonetheless.

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Okay, okay. I know it's been forever. However, I'm copping to the pregnant and too damn busy excuses. It's been a roller coaster of a few months, but everything's okay now. The sonogram they did in October was very not happy, but because of how things were they couldn't confirm anything. They were telling me that the placenta was still too long, my amniotic fluid was low, and the baby's head was much smaller than it should be....but they couldn't *really* tell, so they'd redo in three weeks. Those were the longest three weeks EVER. I go back sonographer, new ultrasound machine, different doctor. And...*drum roll please* everything's fine. The baby's head is small because I'm not as far along as they thought (which I'd been telling them all along); my new due date is 3/21. The placenta has moved up and there's plenty of water for the baby to swim about in. Because of the updated estimates,  I'm 21 weeks along today. We also found out yesterday that it's a boy. Happy and healthy as far as we can tell. We've started narrowing the names down now that we know that it's a boy.
The current list includes:
Alexander Aden
Ethan Hunter 
Gabriel Aden
Henry Alan
Henry Hunter
Henry Lee
Patrick Henry
Seamus Aden
Seamus Alan
Seamus Henry
Sion Alan
Sion Hunter
Sion Lee

I'm also thrilled beyond words to live in a blue state. My baby will be born during this new, history making administration. I danced in the living room when we won in Ohio. I've followed politics long enough to know what that meant without the CNN correspondants telling me. And I know how close it was here...but NC voted a Democrat into office and so did Virginia.  I, honestly, never thought it'd happen. I'd resigned myself to living in a republican stronghold for the next forever, but we did it.  But people voted...and then more people voted. It's amazing what happens when people are mad. The county I work in actually had over a 75% voter turnout. That's an insanely high number for anyone who doesn't rabidly follow these kind of statistics. It's nice to see people actually giving a damn. It's going to be *very* hard to get through Thanksgiving with the inlaws without a) smirking or b) smacking someone...'cause I know they're all going to rant about how awful it is...they were bad enough in June before things got really heated. It's really not nice to jackslap your husbands grandma...but it's so, so tempting and I swear she uses the "N" word  around me and I will pack my stuff up, glare at the husband until he gets in the car, and drive south to my momma's. Anyway...I should go fix a real's telling me he's hungry.


P.S. I uploaded some of the wedding photos to my myspace account if anyone is curious. It's nutmeg8481 over there.